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Willow Garden

Calders Community Garden is a wildlife garden in the Calders area of Wester Hailes. We work in the garden running our Willow Garden project in a way that encourages birds and other wildlife, that we feed throughout the winter. We have a small pond to encourage visits from frogs, toads, and other animals who enjoy access to water. To protect the environment, we do not use chemical pesticides.

Over the past 2 years, we have been cultivating many native medicinal herbs on-site and leading workshops in the community on how to use these to support health. This has been a great focus for our gardening. We cultivate many fruit bushes and trees which we encourage local people to forage from. On-site we have a fire pit, picnic tables, and an outdoor classroom.


Volunteering sessions take place each week on a Tuesday afternoon between 1 and 4 pm.  

You do not need to have any previous experience to come along and volunteer, we can find tasks to suit any ability and energy level.


If you would like to find out more or would like to get involved, click the Access or refer to our services button.

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